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My AX 2012 Upgrade Project Plan - Development Phase - Data upgrade

Hi there! Sorry for the long pause in writing. We have faced many high priority items this past month that has left me no time to continue this story.

On my last blog, I shared with you the code upgrade part of the upgrade project plan. Of course, you will have your own code areas and you should make sure to have a task for each major code area of your application. I also found it quite beneficial to have your development team do some planning poker around each of them, discuss their estimates and concerns. I used a lot of those discussions to populate my risk register!

Before we start on how we addressed the data upgrade, MSDynamicsWorld published a summary of 4 key steps to world class upgrade as recommended by Andrew Jewsbury from Microsoft, whom I had the pleasure to present with in last year's Convergence: 4 Steps to Completing a World-Class Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3.

Here is my part of the presentation about our upgrade from Convergence last year if you are in…